Capitulo 1

I have thought long and hard about how to address this issue, as the timeline is ‘statistically dense’ . I fought the state of Nevada to obtain permission to see a contracted healthcare provider in the state of California , Stanford Neuroscience. I studied law from a bed, sick. When i finally obtained permission by strong arming the state ,my second visit hit the bureaucratic stall. physiological testing was delayed by the bureaucracy in Nevada. i decided to move to california and before moving from the next door state i inquired as to the availability of healthcare and whether or not i would get linearity of care. A gap in my Ophthalmology related care left me blind from a treatable illness i.e. glaucoma. Yes, some assholes are responsible. I just needed drops or surgery for the ducts. I was told by Stanford that some simple waivers would have to be signed by the doctors at stanford and then there will be no difficulty whatsoever upon arrival in California with continued care.

before the county enrolled me in managed care i had the opportunity to visit stanford on two occasions back-to-back as a matter fact. last november after having moved to northern california in september. at the exact same time that i had to go down to stanford i was locked out of my rental .

One hour later on a dark and rainy night I returned home with no way in and my cat Lili trapped inside. For the second time that day I called the cops. First officer’s attempts to get in…no good then we encounter Lili in a room drenched with bleach from wall to wall the cat completely enclosed and dripping all of my belongings me the polyester were destroyed. the police told me felony after felony had been committed.,but at the end they tossed me a sleeping bag and told me to hose down the cat in the front yard!!! One does not hose down a terrorized animal. Any animal in the midst of a torrential downpour. i didn’t know what to do headed west towards the Pacific. I had to wash Lili quickly. I came upon a motel 6 and was very hesitant about asking for aid, but to my surprise the manager on duty was most obliging. I rinsed and dried Lili then decontaminated the bathroom. We left the Motel 6 and thanked and the man who was to be our only support system,and moved on up the street, and found cover under an overhanging roof where we bed down upon the asfault . Lili and i were now homeless.The next morning we were picked-up and taken down to Stanford neuroscience and that evening after the first appointment we slept on a bus bench outside of the emergency room with only a thin shirt on and then temperature dropping until low 40s i could not stop from shivering and the cat was all curled up and cold as well.i could provide no warmth for the cat but had her stuffed under the useless sleeping bag the cops unloaded on us. The bench was made to prevent sleeping.

when i met what is called adult protective services the name should be a self explanatory i was told it i did not even really qualify because i was not a senior .That was lie ( need use log function to count)here is the kicker i was told by one of the lead workers at social services that i was owed nothing it wasn’t the plan for me to discussion of the purpose of government or if nobody’s owed anything by government or government is not to come to assistance of the people then what is the purpose of having involvement in the first place except just to defend with the the borders. Or pay social service functionaries for mental masturbation for if the gov owes nobody ( kinda no gov/ right wing) then why the social service job? are they building the F-35? The case was never prosecuted and social services unofficially placed me in a drug house. Selling and using…good environment for a trauma sufferer.There is a homeless shelter in this great city and a weather shelter. The same outfit runs both. Lili and i are not even eligible for the extreme weather shelter because we are not from mendocino county california and this is kind of moot anyway because the rules appear to have changed such that cats are not acceptable anywhere but even if i did not have Lili I would not be allowed into the weather shelter because i am a foreigner to the county you know it’s fascism 101 we do want to give anything to anybody from outside food assistance. I have been told so many times that I’m not from here I feel unwelcome, but let us consider this an isolated place and the people inbred and dumb. I am not taking a pot shot, but in the end the reader can decide. I do intend to offend, and to name names. I will offer a first step but facile solution. It is a matter of life and liberty. My life is in danger and my liberty taken. I should not be alive but for the will of God.

Recently a report was released by the Robert Marbut group a firm run by a criminologist using as a Neuroscience expert psychologist. Communities hire him to eradicate the homeless. The town listens knowing the answer anyway.form by Marbut has no leg to stand on except his followers or rather those that hire him are bigoted fucks. Marbut, who has a degree in a subject that has nothing to do with the report on homlessness for his degree is Criminology. .he is not an scientist or statistician.but a polisci guy hired by the city of fort bragg to evaluate the homeless in the situation ie exlain how to rid the town of vermin. The problem is the whole town would kill Aquinas ten times over. I refer to the sin. Child molesters, abusive ____, loaded with methamphetamine, cannabis, and Heroin users that buy their shit with government checks due to mental illness. Seedy drug infested town where the level of education is computer by me to equal my kid at seven.

What happened to the cat and I? Obviously the prosecutor said no evidence? I guess I’m not homeless?

I’m disabled. Yet, I have survived over a year. No shelter. No nada.

Ich bin ein Ausländer. No crematoriums yet


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