Capitulo 2

It was only in the mid 40’s but the GoreTex jacket and pants were cold with just thin clothes on. I migrated to a bench in front of the Neuroscience Center. At close to Dawn I used the bread and peanut butter I bought with the $30 ‘you got fucked’ voucher the county gave me. I had a 12” Buck knife I used to make the sandwich. The cops said it was good I did not leave it in the house prior to the lock-out.

Security swooped upon me and I’m not American. I had the delightful company of a very nice guard during the rest of my time on campus. A puny knife like that is rather worthless here. People have machetes.

I returned to my private hell after 2 days in SF. I was let out of the medical transport into a supermarket parking lot. I asked the manager if I could sit at the far end and stay awake. I was not tattered and between my $380 rain pants, $550 jacket….I did not come looking for the free buffet. I came for medical care.

The town,so very empty feeling. My family 6,000 miles away. All that which would have made outdoor survival much easier (Clothes!) now gone.

To boot, sit for more than 10 min and the police make you move. Pedometers set?

And what did I glean from 2 visits to the doctors. Very professional. An MRI was ordered in 2017 by a Stanford Neurologist. I am not covered to go. It relates to where I live and privatized medicine or the silent killer.


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